Why Should You Hire a Marketing Agency?

Hiring a marketing agency can seem frivolous for a new business owner. After all, when the budget is tight and the goal is to bring in money, the last thing you need is another expense. However, hiring a marketing agency in Orlando can actually help you grow your business and grant you solid leads to keep your company thriving.

Modernizes Your Strategy

There was a time when companies could exist solely in the physical marketing realm and succeed, but that time has passed. Companies now need to be accessible through social media in order to gain customers. Most customers today rely on the presence of a company or business online to make a decision about whether or not they will use them. Everything that they see will influence their choice, including the business’s website, social media channels, and online reviews.

Consumers also have a sense of immediacy. If they have questions about your business, they want to be able to find the answer or reach out to you for an answer without much trouble. This all means that so much depends on your internet strategy. If you are found to be lacking in one or more crucial ways, consumers will notice and you will lose leads.

Many of these channels are constantly changing. New guidelines appear virtually overnight and businesses need to be able to adapt to avoid falling behind. It can be difficult for a business owner to stay on top of current trends while running a business full-time. That is where a marketing agency can help.

Grants You More Time

Marketing strategies are not birthed in a day. They require time and care to make sure that you are staying true to the business’s brand while also innovating and creating engaging content. This means that a business owner has to sit down and learn how each social media channel works, how advertising works on those platforms, what are the best practices for advertising on each individual platform, create consistent content to post on all platforms, keep track of engagement, respond to consumer questions, adapt the strategy as needed, and a plethora of other tasks.

Even if a business owner is savvy and can, in fact, take on those tasks themselves, they are still incredibly time-consuming. The creating of content alone is something that requires constant care and a discerning eye. By the time the business owner finished working on their marketing strategy, they would be drained of all their energy to tackle other problems.

This is where a marketing agency can help. An agency can take on those time-consuming tasks so that all you have to do is enjoy the success of your online marketing strategy.

Reduces Payroll

For many business owners, the most obvious solution to the problem of a lacking online presence would be to hire an on-staff digital marketer. However, hiring someone to do your digital marketing is a tricky thing. To hire a digital marketer, you must either be willing to pay a high rate for someone experienced or hire someone at a low rate and then go through the process of training them.

Both of these options come at a high cost to the business owner. Why? This is because business owners have to consider and include other costs such as payroll taxes, health insurance contributions, retirement plan matches, vacation, sick days, and other benefits. When you take all those costs into consideration, you see that the cost of hiring an agency to take care of your digital marketing is far more cost-effective and beneficial for you in the long run.

Increases Your Sales

Many new businesses face a similar problem: they have a great product or service, their pricing is fair, their staff is motivated and enthusiastic, but their sales are not where they should be. Where lies the issue? For some businesses, the issue is the quality or quantity of their leads.

A good marketing agency will offer you a consultation to go over your current marketing strategy and see where you may be faltering. They can then help you gain more leads through more productive channels. The beauty of working with a marketing agency in these circumstances is that they see these issues time and time again so they are well equipped to fix them.

The Best Marketing Agency in Orlando

At Innocom, we know the value of a good marketing agency. As the top marketing agency in Orlando, we strive to innovate strategies and work with business owners to ensure that their marketing is converting to real leads. That is why we offer a suite of services including social media marketing, SEO, and website building among others. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your business, give us a call or fill out our contact form.

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