What Does a Social Media Agency Do?

Social media agencies are everywhere now. There is so much competition to be the best Orlando social media agency, but what exactly does a social media agency do? Knowing the value of their services can help you determine whether you are ready to take the plunge.

Manage Your Account

Think about all the social media channels that your business has. All those separate accounts require constant monitoring to ensure that nothing is hacked or deleted or goes awry in some unexpected way. This level of attentiveness is something that can only be achieved by having a dedicated account manager. Account managers keep track of posts, respond to comments, and generally keep the accounts active so that you continue to have a social media presence. 

As a business owner, account management should not have to be another ball that you must juggle. After all, with everything else that you must take care of on a daily basis, there will hardly be time to check several different social media channels and ensure that posts are going out on all of them.

Grow Your Account

Beyond maintaining your account, growing your account is just as important. There are far too many business owners that fall into the trap of paying for followers or likes just to seem as if they have grown. This is a dangerous game to play because it comes off as inauthentic to your actual followers and it can backfire if those accounts are deleted off the platform.

Real growth comes from targeted strategies designed for the particular platforms that you are looking to grow on. Your strategy for Facebook will not be the same as your strategy for Twitter, for instance, because the platforms function very differently. As such, it is important that your social media agency takes care to develop these strategies with careful consideration.

There are other factors that need to be taken into account when it comes to growing a social media account. For example, the size of the account is going to make a difference in how you continue to grow it. A large account may be able to hold a giveaway by asking people to share a post which will then generate attention from non-followers. These non-followers will then follow the account and also share the post, and this will continue until the end of the giveaway.

However, a small account may not be able to perform the same type of giveaway with the same results. They may require more paid ads before they can do something of that scale. These are all things that your account manager can determine and implement when necessary.

The other significant thing to consider is the industry in which the business is operating. The social media account for a restaurant is going to have a vastly different strategy than the social media account for a commercial construction company. Your account manager will be able to determine what is commonplace for your industry and what will stand out. They will also be key in making sure that you do not cross the line in professionalism with your social media accounts.

Social Media Customer Services

So many interactions with customers take place on social media. Why? This is because that is where customers go to air their grievances or share their excitement about the quality of service they received. There is also a sense of immediacy with social media that customers enjoy. A customer will assume that they can receive a far quicker response if they contact your business through social channels than through a standard customer service form.

This is where a social media agency can help. Social media agencies can become a liaison for customer service. They can answer basic questions for customers who reach via social media and submit tickets for more complicated problems with ease. 

The key with social media customer service is that the customer is often frustrated and reaching out for an answer that will help them solve their problem right then. If the customer goes too long waiting, they may become irate and share their unpleasant experience on social media.

This is another step in the process. Addressing negative reviews can seem like a hassle for a business owner, but it shows that the business is actively engaged with its community and is always looking to improve. If the concerns are legitimate, it can be an opportunity to reach out and make things right. Eventually, the customer may be compelled to change their review if they see that the business is making an effort to right the wrong.

Responding to positive reviews is just as important. It shows that your business is grateful for the positive comments and it encourages others to leave reviews as well. It is understandable that someone who has decided to pay your business a compliment would be happy if their compliment was acknowledged. It reinforces their positive experience. That is why commenting on these reviews serves such a critical purpose.

Paid Media

All of the large-scale social channels offer advertising for businesses. This means that there is a lot of real estate for companies to occupy. As a business owner, it can be time-consuming to discern which social media channel is going to be the most fruitful for your business and what style of advertisement will be the most successful. 

A qualified agency can run these ads for you because they can test which audiences are going to be the most responsive, adjust ads to be more interactive, and otherwise make any other changes that will enhance the ad’s success. They will also keep an eye on your ROI by measuring engagement and tracking your leads.

Searching for an Orlando Social Media Agency? 

If you are looking for an Orlando social media agency, don’t settle for second best. At Innocom, we take detailed care of your accounts so that you can see the benefits of proper social media marketing. If you are interested in what we have to offer, feel free to reach out via email or call us.  

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