What Are The Different Type of Hulu Ads?

Different Types of Hulu Ads

Advertising on Hulu can have many benefits. However, there is more than one type of ad available, so which one is right for you? At Innocom, we can guide you through the advertising process and make sure that you get the right ad for your needs. 

What Ad is Right for You?

Ad Selector & Max Selector

This ad experience allows for interaction from the viewer. The user is presented with two to three choices of ads they can view. If they do not make a selection, one will be chosen for them at random after fifteen seconds of inactivity. 

The difference between the Ad Selector and the Max Selector is that the Max Selector allows for additional creative options such as voice-overs or background music. The Max Selector is ideal if the advertiser would like more creative freedom with their selector experience.

Binge Ad

A Binge Ad is an ad that is presented to the user during a binge session. These ads are timed precisely so that they complement the bingeing experience. Ads of this nature can offer the viewer “rewards” for continuing their bingeing session. The advertiser can determine these rewards.

Branded Entertainment Selector

This type of advertisement experience gives the viewer the choice between a long-form ad before their viewing selection or regularly scheduled ad breaks throughout their viewing, allowing the user to customize their experience more fully. 

Branded Slate & Premium Slate

The Branded Slate allows advertisers a static title card that is presented to the viewer before the start of a program. It is accompanied by a voice-over that can be no more than eleven syllables long without the inclusion of the words “Presented By.”

A Premium Slate, by contrast, is a seven-second long video that allows advertisers to add in music and other dynamic content. Premium Slate also does not have a limit on the number of syllables so long that the message fits comfortably within the seven seconds. 

Cover Story & Sponsored Selection Brand Placement

Cover Story Brand Placement and Sponsored Selection Brand Placement allow an advertiser to place their logo on the front page of Hulu. This type of advertisement places the logo of the advertiser along with the words “Presented By” on the title card of a show. With Cover Story, the advertiser is limited to one show. With Sponsored Selection, a selection of programming is presented as being sponsored by the advertiser.


GatewayGo’s focus is all about shifting the action from the television to the mobile device. The way this is done is by presenting a video ad within a second screen. The second screen can include a QR code for viewers to scan or a link for viewers the advertiser to send them more information about the product or an offer. 

Interactive Living Room

Interactive Living Room is an interactive experience that the advertiser can customize to engage the viewer. This is an excellent way to feature a brand’s products, features, and services. 

Pause Ad

A pause ad is a small, non-disruptive advertisement that appears when a user pauses their viewing. It features text and the logo of the advertiser. 

Video Commercial

Video commercials are the most readily recognizable form of advertisement. With this advertisement, advertisers can utilize their long-form video content for any one of Hulu’s commercial breaks. 

You can learn more about all of the different ad products on Hulu’s website.

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