Social Media Marketing Tips for 2021

Social Media Tips 2021

The digital landscape is ever-changing, but 2020 truly changed everything. Social Media Marketing now has the attention from businesses of all kinds, even ones that never really paid attention before. Social Media has changed in new and exciting ways. As a result, businesses need to know how to navigate the new landscape.

These Social Media Marketing Tips for 2021 will help your business stay competitive.

  • Identify Your Target Audience
  • Invest Time in the Channels Where Your Audience Is
  • Be Human and Transparent
  • Building Brand Awareness Is Key, Once Again
  • Showcase Community Alignment
  • Embrace New Tools like Instagram’s Reels and Guides
  • User Generated Content and Community Over Influencers
  • Video and Animated Content Gets Attention
  • Create a Content Calendar
  • Spend Time Listening to Your Customers

Identify Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience goes beyond being important for marketing, it is crucial for the survival of your business. Who is your product or service meant for?

If you’re uncertain about this, think of why you started your business in the first place. Sure, it was to make money, but certainly there is a problem you are trying to solve for your customers. Who exactly is having this problem? How old are they? What is their day to day life like? Answering these type of questions will guide you in your business’s marketing efforts, and so much more.

If you’re struggling to identify your target audience ask your trusted friends and colleagues. We can help you with this too, just ask.

Invest Time in the Channels Where Your Audience Is

Once you’ve identified your audience, it’s time to research what social media channels they use the most. Your audience is not on every social media channel, so don’t waste time trying to be everywhere. Select the social media channels that would be most effective for your audience, 2-3 is usually best. That way you can master those channels rather than spreading your resources too thin.

You can read about what social media channels to be on and why. Each channel serves its own purpose. There is some overlay between channels, but when you focus on content for each specific channel your efforts become more impactful. Your business will be noticed for its attention to detail and its care.

Be Human and Transparent

Distrust of online resources is at an all time high. People are looking for authenticity and transparency. People want to connect with the humans behind a business, not a faceless corporation. Involve key members of your staff in your marketing. Tell their story. Have them tell your business’s story. Use their photos and videos of them.

Building Brand Awareness Is Key, Once Again

So much changed in 2020. Chances are your business changed quite a bit. Reintroduce yourself. Rebuild your brand awareness, at least for the first half of 2021. Americans primarily have election and politics fatigue. They don’t want to be sold to, and instead want to connect with brands that speak to them and their needs.

Showcase Community Alignment

People are looking to businesses that are involved in their community, after all that we’ve been through. Don’t just show that you are involved in your community, get your hands dirty and help. Build a reputation for being mindful of your community and show your involvement. Use your platform to help your audience learn about ways they can help.

Embrace New Tools like Instagram’s Reels and Guides

It can be overwhelming trying to keep up with the latest tools and developments in social media. Instagram’s latest tools add so much depth to the platform. Instagram knows it depends on its users to actually use these tools and create that depth.

During the early part of 2021 you will probably notice being rewarded by Instagram with more discoverability if you create and post Reels. If you need help getting started with Reels, Guides, or just staying up to date in the world of social media, we’re here to help. Contact us at InnocomAgency.com.

User Generated Content and Community Over Influencers

Create products, services, or a venue that your guests or customers will just have to share on their social media. It is so much more effective when others advocate for your business, versus you promoting your own brand. Influencers are still a good tool, but there is growing mistrust and frustration.

Look to micro influencers who have a small audience, but one that is engaged. If you need help finding the right people to work with, we can help.

Lavish your customers with love and attention when they share their experience with your business online and with their followers. Use the content they generate and be sure to give them plenty of credit and acknowledgement.

Video and Animated Content Gets Attention

By now we all know how important video content is for capturing attention. But, animated graphics and animated details on top of photos is just as effective. Video production can take time and resources.

Animated graphics and enhanced photos can have the same impact, with less time and resources. We specialize in creative digital design, and would be happy to help create impactful content for your business.

Create a Content Calendar

Having a content calendar is nothing new for 2021. But sometimes we need reminders to get back to the basics. By spending time upfront creating a strategic content calendar for your business’s social media, you will save hours in the long run. Your efforts will be more targeted and effective with a content calendar. If you need help creating one, contact us.

Spend Time Listening to Your Customers

The digital world gives us access to unsolicited feedback 24/7. This can be a blessing and a curse. But, you never have to wonder what your customers want and need, so long as you’re willing to spend the time listening. Between online reviews, of your own business and your competitors, comments to social media posts, and general online chatter, your business is being talked about. Listen, and make wise decisions based on what you hear.

2021 is a year of hope, and eventual recovery. These Social Media Marketing Tips for 2021 are meant to help you move in the right direction this year. We’d be happy to be by your side to make sure you make the most of this year.

Message us anytime, we’re here to help.

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