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Kiko’s Hospitality Group takes this passion, swag, and expertise to the next level! To that I say “Yea buddy” and #Ñooqueriko – it’s gonna be a fun ride!

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About Me, Kiko

I started out as the “Chef Hunter.” I’d scope out the best restaurants, and find out who was rocking it in the kitchen. I’d put a camera in their face with no script. The goal was to capture the true essence of who they are, and what drives them.

Along the way, I became friends with countless chefs, owners, and entrepreneurs. Getting the
word out and keeping up with the hottest spots became what I am known for.

Supporting them was always the main focus, but doing it my way, in both English and Spanish. On NBC6INTHEMIX & TELEMUNDO51 I covered a lot of ground. Twenty years deep and I’m still here supporting local spots with several on air segments.




Social Media

Nobody knows F&B social media better than Kiko, baby! Let’s work together to help your business grow!

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Content Creation

Content is KING and I want to use my experience in production in both TV and digital to help you with your business. 

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Your customer is looking for your website and I want to help YOU build the perfect website that WORKS and makes your business grow. 

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Don’t get stuck. Let us bring fresh and innovative ideas to your concept and outline a path to success and growth.

Cook's in the Cuisine


Ready to do something new but not sure how to put the plan together? We can provide you with a strategy based on your exact needs. 

KIKO's Local Love

Kiko Hospitality Group features local / city restaurants with summary descriptions for guests to know best places for dining at each city. Kiko only promotes one specific cuisine to ensure there is no competition and give the business exclusivity in the promotions.

Starting at just $10 a day your restaurant can be featured in the Kiko Hospitality Group website under “Local Love”. The business will receive global branding and promotions through KHG platforms and customers will receive incentives for visiting the businesses. Each participating business will receive stickers to place at their door to show the Local Love Approval!

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Ready to Boost Your Business?

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