How Can You Make Your Facebook Ads More Engaging?

It’s no secret that advertising on Facebook can be effective. However, it is easy to believe that simply launching an ad will immediately generate leads. That is not the case. To really take advantage of Facebook ads, you have to know how to make your Facebook ads engaging and captivating.

Focus On the Image

The most important part of your ad is going to be the image that you present. This means that the more interesting this image is, the more engaged your viewers are going to be. The first tip to make this possible is to use vertical or square videos. Most people are not going to take the time to turn their screens to watch an ad, so a vertical ad that already captures their entire screen is going to be far more effective.

The other thing that you should be conscious of is the amount of text that you use on the screen. Your text should not draw excess attention to itself. You’ll want to use a small font with clipped language to ensure you don’t lose your viewers’ attention. While Facebook does not limit the amount of text that you use, you have to keep in mind that your viewers will be scanning your ad very quickly. For many people, it only takes them 0.4 seconds to recognize an ad on mobile platforms. This means that you have that much time to get your message across before they move on. That is why it is so critical to put more of an emphasis on the image itself.

Make It Dynamic

Facebook gives you quite a bit of versatility when it comes to advertising. This means that there are many formats for you to take advantage of. For instance, their carousel format allows you to show several images for people to scroll through. This is an excellent format for businesses to showcase their products or multiple brand images. Remember that in order to get viewers to scroll through the images, they have to be engaging enough to draw attention.

Movement is always going to stand out when people are scrolling through stagnant images. Because of this, it is recommended that you add movement to your ads to make them more dynamic. Through Stories, you can utilize Facebook’s free template to animate your ad or you can use a variety of other apps they recommend such as Hyperlapse, Boomerang, Adobe PhotoShop Express, or Adobe Spark.

Always Remember Your CTA

Calls-to-action are key in any ad. Facebook has buttons available that allow viewers to engage with the ad, whether that means they like your page, go to your website, send you a message, or follow a link. The versatility of these buttons means that you can experiment to see which ones are more effective and engaging. The crucial part, of course, is to use these buttons regardless of what the action is otherwise you will not be able to track viable leads through your ads.

Looking for a Facebook Ad Agency in Orlando?

Facebook advertising is a delicate and experimental craft. It requires attention and adjustment as you see results come in. Many business owners do not have the time to devote to such a minute part of their social media strategy, but that is where a Facebook ad agency in Orlando can help. At Innocom, we do more for our clients than run a few simple ads. We engage in a total social media marketing package to keep your business relevant and thriving. Interested in learning more? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.