Can You Advertise on Hulu?

Hulu Advertising

Have you ever considered advertising on Hulu? Many business owners see these ads as consumers, but how can you take those ads and make yourself successful? With the right help and knowledge, you too can benefit from advertising on this premium streaming platform.

At Innocom, we are a top Hulu advertising agency, and we strive to provide our clients with key opportunities that will enable them to succeed. Advertising on Hulu can be complicated, but we can simplify everything to get you what you need.

Why Advertise on Hulu?

Advertising on traditional cable networks has become a thing of the past. Consumers in today’s age are used to being able to watch television on any device whenever they want to, and they are used to being to select exactly what they want to watch. This leaves advertisers with the unique challenge of tailoring their advertisements to consumers who are accustomed to user-focused viewing experiences.

Thankfully, Hulu caters to just that need. They understand the challenges that advertisers face in coming up with well-timed and unintrusive advertisements, and they offer a variety of advertising options to suit different budgets as well as different needs. 

This is an offering that is difficult to find in the market of streaming services. Many streaming services do not have advertisements at all, which leaves advertisers out of the picture altogether, and some have limited advertising capacity. 

Hulu’s advertising model is built on getting the advertisement in front of the right set of eyes instead of in front of as many eyes as possible. This means that the consumer is far more likely to act upon the ad than they would if they were watching regular broadcasting television. In fact, Hulu performed their own studies to determine how much more effective their advertising is than regular TV ads. They found that their ad selector, which allows consumers to select the ad experience that they would like to view, is 150% more effective than typical broadcasting television ads.

What Options Are There?

One of the main benefits to Hulu is that they provide many different advertising methods. This means that you can create a custom video to do a traditional video ad or you can opt for one of their other advertising options. For instance, you can use a Slate, which are static ads that are presented at the beginning of a program. These are quick and effective ways to get your core branding across without the need to produce an entire ad. The benefit of ads like these is that Hulu provides its own talent for the voiceover work, so your only task is to provide the text.

If you’re looking for something more engaging, Hulu also offers ads that allow the consumer to interact with something on the screen. This type of advertisement allows them to select the ad they want to view or to receive more information about the product offered.

Are you a local business that’s looking for more targeted ads? Hulu has options for that too. Small businesses that are looking to target a specific area can do so with the help of Hulu’s local ads. They run these ads using Nielsen DMA, and this allows for the ads to run in the specific places that you need them to rather than be broadcast nationally or internationally.

Of course, it’s always better to invest in more than one advertising option so that you get the best results. Hulu allows you to do this too. You can invest in several different advertising options and see what kind of ROI you receive. Once you’ve determined which one works best for your business, you can switch to focusing more closely on that ad.

Looking for a Hulu Advertising Agency? Contact Us Today

Advertising on Hulu is incredibly beneficial for businesses but it is not always straightforward. That is where the help of an experienced advertising agency can help.

At Innocom, we know what to expect when advertising through Hulu, and we work hard to be the top Hulu advertising agency. Whether you are ready to run a full video ad or you are interested in alternate options, we can help you decide and get your ad running. If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact us at Innocom today.

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